The First coin

DirtyCoin is the first decentralized currency that is solely focused on the Adult Industry and the Escort Industry. In these business alone there is more than 100 billion dolars in yearly revenue. And for a market this big, it is unacceptable that it has not moved on to the decentralized era of technology. And DirtyCoin is here to bring just that.

Premium services

Our expert sales team will be that best around. They will provide the customer with all their needs and wishes. This combined with an ultra secure and professional webpage the customer will get the premium feel they deserve.

Anonymous transactions

Our coin uses the zero-knowledge cryptography to ensure complete anonymity while using our coins. This is the way we can achieve an even more comfortable experience while using our services.

Wallet Services

Fully feature web wallet with state of the art security system is in beta testing as we speak. It includes a quick payment system, trading links and many more features. We are also aiming to make a desktop wallet in the near future.

P2P Payment Services

Peer-to-peer payments are one of the hottest trends currently happening in the payment industry. Using DTC as a P2P Payment service, it is insanely fast, free and a simple way to transfer money to another person.

Mobile Wallet

iOS & Android mobile wallet are used to send and receive coins. Send money to any smartphone users instantly, privately, and securely without any bank account. In order to receive the payment, the receiver must have a valid DTC blockchain address. This will all be available presumably by january 2018.